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Memory: Creation, Practice and Transmission - 21.-22.06.2019

International Workshop

The two-day medieval conference "Memory: Creation, Practice and Transmission" is a cooperation by members of the Basel Graduate School of History and the Department of Old Norse Studies. It is geared towards post-graduate students of all disciplines from in and outside Switzerland and offers the possibility of discussing practices and cultures of memory in pre-modern times, as well as that of connecting with fellow researchers from various regions and disciplines.

In order to allow as great an exchange as possible there are contributions dealing with a wide variety of aspects of "Memory" in the Middle Ages. In addition to this, our two keynote speakers Prof Kate Heslop of the University of Berkeley and Dr Charlie Rozier of the University of Durham will be speaking on "Bodies build places. Making memory in Old Norse kviðuháttr poetry" and "Merging Memories: the Appropriation of Memorial Traditions in Historical Writing at Durham, c.1090-1130".

When and Where?

Friday, 21.06.2019 and Saturday, 22.06.2019. 

Conference room of the "Schönes Haus", Nadelberg 6.

You can find the conference programme here.


Madita Knöpfle
Balduin Landolt
Fabienne Schwizer
Maria Tranter

Departements of History and Old Norse (DSLW), University of Basel


Maria Tranter (memoryconference@clutterunibas.ch)